Class Information

Class Timetable

  MonTue Wed Thu  Fri Sat Sun 
 7.30      Body Blitz** 
 8.15      Women & Weights** 
 9.30Mix It Up Fat Blast  Pump Kwik Combat Mix It Up  
 10.00Killer Core    Killer Core   
 10.30      Metafit**
 11.00      Spinning**
 14.15     Spinning**   
 16.30Mum & Kids Circuit**    Mum & Kids Circuit**   
 16.45 Spinning**      
 17.30Pump Kettlebells Piloxing / Combat Bums & Tums Boot Camp   
 18.00 Step & Tone      
 18.15Kwik Combat   Total Tone    
 18.30   Women & Weights**    
 18.45Killer Core  Kettlebells 
 19.15 Metafit  Body Blitz**    




** Denotes a charge for the class. Booking may be required so please check with the instructor or via reception.

   Spinning can be booked 2 days in advance.

   See our Facebook page for daily class updates.

Class Descriptions

KWIK COMBAT – A fun combat workout that will improve fitness through a combination of blocks, strikes and kicks. Previous experience not                                necessary! 

KILLER CORE - A short but effective class focusing on core strength and toning using a variety of mat based moves.

METAFIT - Join the fat burning revolution with a HIIT body weight class that will keep your metabolism burning 24 hours

                It's not easy but the results are great!

MUM&KIDS CIRCUIT - A fun workout for Mum and kids aged 5-16 years (boys welcome too!)

PUMP - A simple workout using dumbbells and barbells that strengthens, tones and defines every major muscle group in your body. Ideal for                   beginners right through to experienced exercisers. A workout highly rated for its optimum bone density benefits.

FAT BLAST - High calorie burning interval training at it's best.

STEP & TONE – A fun step class involving toning for a well-rounded workout, using various equipment.

KETTLEBELLS - Burn fat, improve strength and stamina and get a whole body workout. 

BUMS & TUMS – Challenge these “problem areas.” Focuses on lower body, firming the buttocks and flattening the tummy.

BOOT CAMP- Military style fitness without the mud! The quickest way to shed excess body fat. Be sure to bring a towel.

MIX IT UP Variety is the key and this class has it! A bit of everything thrown in to get you working.

PILOXING - A fun, energetic workout combining Pilates, boxing and dance.

SPINNING - A fun group cycling class with great tunes focusing on endurance, stamina, strength and intervals with recovery.

*Lady B reserves the right to change the schedule at anytime without notice and to cancel any class on the basis of low attendance or the availability of instructors due to holidays, illnesses, emergencies or inclement weather. 

Changes will be posted on our Facebook page and outside the studio/reception.


 Classes are available to non-members on a 'pay as you go' basis.

 Class passes £30 for 10 (Spinning not included)

 Spinning passes £35 for 10

 Booking for classes is not necessary. Spinning must be booked, 2 days in advance.

 Lady B members will have priority over those paying for classes on a casual basis or using a class pass.